The Care Education Program

St Mary’s College offers a weekly Care Education program to students from Years R-12. The program is led by Care Group teachers and focuses on raising awareness and skill-building whilst addressing themes and issues relevant to the social and developmental stages of the students involved. The program discusses, at appropriate stages for students, contemporary issues such as cyber safety and cyberbullying, the effect of media on body image and the complexities of peer culture and respectful relationships, amongst other topics. The Care Education program addresses these themes using Care Group teacher deliveries of material and information, guest speakers, films, class or online and whole year level activities.

Our College staff undertake appropriate training and development in presenting and delivering social and emotional wellbeing programs through workshops, conferences, and online tutorials. The College also engages with external support in specialist areas.

The Directors of the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools each oversee relevant and engaging programs that are developed for each year level to cater to the student’s specific needs. An annual camp or retreat is also offered from Year 6 upwards to enhance classroom work, foster positive relationships, and deepen spirituality.

The Care Education Program also incorporates the specific and explicit teaching of the Child Protection Curriculum, Social Emotional Learning Programs and Positive Education. The teaching of these programs also occurs within several curriculum areas across the College.