Student Representative Council

What is student leadership at St Mary's College? 

As a Catholic, Dominican college for girls, the Dominican pillars are central to our role within our Student Representative Council (SRC) and Justice leadership. Whereby community, service, learning and prayer are the foundations for leadership within our community. As a leader positivity, passion, commitment, communication and leadership are vital. 

What is SRC? 

Student voice is an imperative factor in shaping our college culture, of importance is that this voice is actively integrated to inform policy, curriculum, practice, learning environments and community partnerships. Community wellbeing is central to our leadership within SRC, we know that students are more likely to develop a strong commitment to the community and its future when their authentic voice is heard. At St Mary's College, we believe that better decisions are made within the college if everyone affected by those decisions is involved in making them in some way. 

Student Voice

The role of SRC within St Mary's College is about creating a positive environment for students and staff to come together. The role entitles students to bring forward any ideas or changes they wish to make; in that it will enhance the culture of the college. Within the class, a student representative will act in an engaging manner which encourages peers to desire being involved within the college. Without ideas from students, many changes would not be possible, so it is important to have everyone on board to make the college the best it can be.