BECOME Project

BECOME teaches young people the skills to explore, design and navigate their future. 

"A scramble for decisions at the end of high school is too little and too late to prepare students for fulfilled lives and careers. Instead, we need to create the time and space for them to learn and practice how to explore, navigate and design a future that fits them perfectly". (BECOME)

BECOME enables a whole school approach to careers education from the critical primary years. It builds awareness of self as well as of the world of work, and provides a safe place in which students learn how to take charge of their future.


Our Year 5/6 classes have been a part of this pilot project facilitated by R -12 Careers Education and VET Coordinator Suzanne Megaw. It focuses on learning about career options in upper primary. Part of the project involved students contacting people in various fields of employment to prepare their inquiry question. Students then ask more questions to dig deeper into each occupation and further their understanding.

In 2022, the Year 5/6 cohort presented their research to parents/caregivers and staff in an expo format. Students were excited to share their findings and answer various questions about their topic.