Big Sister Program

The Big Sister Program involves Year 10 students supporting Year 7 students transitioning into Middle School, which is an entirely new school community for most of them. Their involvement is a 12-month formal commitment.

Students in Year 9 complete an application process and are selected to participate in the  Big Sister Program.  They receive ongoing training in Peer Support and give up much of their spare time to plan and implement various activities during Orientation Days, Camp, an afterschool games afternoon, lunchtime catch-ups, and Care Education lessons.

Successful applicants perform many roles such as:

  • Act as peer mentors for a small group of Year 7 students.
  • Help to organize team-building activities within an allocated Care Group.
  • Conduct small 'transition' workshops.
  • Promote the St Mary's College ethos and culture amongst her younger peers.
  • Provide feedback to staff about the specific needs of Year 7 students.

By participating in the program, Year 10 Students benefit from the opportunity to:

  • Take on a leadership role in the school
  •  Develop skills in communication, public speaking, planning and organization.
  •  Guide and support younger students.
  •  Use their creativity and experience to plan and initiate events.
  •  Gain formal training and supervised experience in group work and mentoring.