Career Tools

At St Mary's College we actively assist students to make informed choices about their future through career coaching, career education programs and careful subject selection at the senior secondary level. For further information, head to our Career Tools Website

We also provide opportunities for senior students to participate in vocational programs and work experience.

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Vocational Education and Training (VET) offers students opportunities to undertake work related training while they are still at school or to start an apprenticeship in a range of industry pathways. Courses can be taster courses, full or part certificates.

Students can utilise VET as a career pathway through a School Based Apprenticeship, to gain casual work whilst at school, to explore possible career pathways, or as an added challenge that will complement their school studies.

Work Experience

Year 10 students participate in a Work Experience program, where they organise a placement related to their current career research. The program enables students to explore possible career paths, supporting informed career choices and subject selections for Stage 1 and 2. Further exploration of possible career choices through work experience are available in Stage 1 and 2.