Student Leadership at St Mary's College

Nurturing the growth of strong women equipped to find their place in the world means that student leadership matters at St Mary’s College. Our student leaders give their voice to the community, and they harness the voice of all students in shaping the development and focus of each year.

St Mary’s College has two leadership teams, the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Justice. Student Leadership representation also involves Sports, Music, Drama and STEM.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SRC) is vital in harbouring a diverse, progressive and exciting culture in our College. The SRC lead the charge in offering innovative concepts to the cohort and paving the way for new ideas and change in the environment of St Mary’s. The SRC is essential in forming a voice within our students.

Students in the SRC are eligible for College Captain and Deputy College Captain roles in Senior School.

Justice Program

The Justice Program educates students on social justice, awareness and outreach within our community through situating students in leadership roles capable of responding and forging change in the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalised. The leadership program commits to the values of charity, service and outreach within and beyond St Mary’s.

Students in Justice are eligible for College Captain and Deputy College Captain roles in Senior School.

Other Leadership Positions and Teams

St Mary’s leadership journey begins in Junior School’s Mini Mary’s program. Mini Mary’s are an ecological focus group who work to develop and progress small projects at the College.

St Mary’s also actively seeks leadership in innovative extracurricular commitments and activities. Coordinators for Drama, Music, Sports and STEM are selected annually to represent their chosen fields and offer leadership to some of St Mary’s most celebrated programs.