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In 2019, St Mary's College won the 'Most Listened to Podcast - School Life' Award for their podcast 150 Years of Stories.

Over the course of the year the School Life Podcast featured a number of episodes dedicated to those students and old scholars, their recollections of their time at St Mary's, and how it has influenced their lives into the future.

Congratulations to our students who were actively involved in the podcast project throughout the year. Thank you to James Meston and the team at Arch D Radio for their work with our students, and allowing the voice of our Old Scholars, past teachers and current students to be heard, by the wider community.

Produced by James Meston with St Mary's students Cat, Taite, Jordy, Abbey & Zoe.

Rice Cracker Radio

Arch D Radio & Podcasting Episode of the Year Award Winners

With Emmie and Sophie

Welcome to Rice Cracker Radio! We have a story for everyone! Sophie and Emmie have told stories about a fluffy escape artist, the world's biggest cake and stories from their everyday life and things from years ago.

Everyday News

With Grace, Lula, and Olive

Join us on Everyday News as we discuss very out of the ordinary things. Cats boarding planes, Wheelie-Bins taking holidays and Hamsters looking down on Earth. These are just some of the things we touch on in this podcast!

LIVE: Episode # 8

Tug of WarGate

In this episode of SMC Live, Frankie and Meg discuss Tug of WarGate, the series of events that led to the cancellation of the grand final Tug of War match at their 2022 Sports Day.

LIVE: Episode # 7

Camps, Community and Bonding Experiences

Our students are excited to share their stories with the College community; as they engage critically with issues and concerns for our times within and beyond the college gates.


LIVE: Episode #06

Reconciliation Week

This week on SMC Live, Maddie and Stephanie interviewed a representative for the Peramangk people, David Booth. Together they discussed the importance of Reconciliation Week, and what schools and organisations can do to support and create change for our First Nations' People.

CLICK HERE to visit Reconciliation Australia.

LIVE: Episode #05

Positivity Week

Matilda, Francesca, Madison and Ruby discuss the initiative that the St Mary's College community create around positivity with Positivity Week. This episode contains the amazing Miss Nguyen who gives her positive views on ways how we can stay positive in different situations, Francesca's maths problems and Matilda shares a tip on a way that she learnt how to make yourself positive.

LIVE: Episode #04

"In the Community" series - Derek Meadows

The first instalment of an SMC LIVE miniseries based in the community. This episode contains an interview between Maddie and the president of the Semaphore and Port Adelaide RSL Sub-branch, where they discussed the importance of ANZAC Day and the avenues for support that we as a community can provide to help out veterans around Australia.

LIVE: Episode #03

Happy Easter

Maddie chats with SMC teachers Mr Napoli & Ms Nguyen, and Arch D Producer James Meston about their favourite Easter memories, discuss the religious meaning of Easter, and talk about what they observe as the broader meaning in our society about what this season represents.

LIVE: Episode #02

March 4 Justice and School Strike for Climate

This week's show talked about the power of our voices, discussing the importance of protests like March4Justice, and why we need to care. Not only did the discussion talk about speaking up in the wider community but also how student run initiatives like Student Representative Council and the Justice Committee provide additional representation for students to make decisions themselves. On the panel this week was Maddie, Stephanie and Matilda with a guest appearance from the SRC college captain, Vicky.

LIVE: Episode #01

International Women's Day & "Girl Up" with Mrs Baker

In their very first EVER "SMC Live" podcast, Maddie, Ojaswi, Ruby & Chelsea chat about how, as women, they can support each other in the school community, and interview Mrs Baker about the "Girl Up" group at St Marys and how feminism has played an important part in her life.

Justice Day 2020

Justice Day is a big day each year on the St Mary's calendar. It was also the day when College Captain Justice, Abbey, said she'd be really aware that her SMC journey was coming to an end. James catches up with her, Cat and Taite, as well as Principal Clare Nocka and Youth Minister Jean-Marie Nguyen to find out why Justice Day matters, and their reflections on the year that has been 2020.

Meet the Baristas and Year 12 Reflections

James meets St Mary's baristas Olivia, Autumn and Deanne, and finds out from Chloe how "Cart-ia" (the 'Grounds for Change' coffee cart) was built by students and staff. Year 12's Taite, Cat & Abbey talk about their senior joint 18th birthday party, and reflect on their final year at the school, and what it's honestly meant to each of them.

Eco Market & Black Lives Matter

James joins students Cat, Abbey, Taite, Charlie, Regan and Jobina on World Environment Day at St Mary's as they hold their EcoMarket on the Veritas Lawns, and finds out from Hawi and Ms Parrasiers about how the students chose to make their voices heard about the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

Making a difference... outside the square

What school life, and personal life too, requires most at this time, is to ensure that you've got your priorities in order. James has a conversation with Year 12 students Abbey & Taite, and teacher Jasmin Parrasiers where they talk about this in regards to all the plans they had for their community programs this year that has required a re-think well probably more of a re-frame than a re-think.

Teamwork, big ideas and making perfect coffee

James arrives early on recording day in the hope of catching the coffee making team in full swing before school, finds out about the big progress in the St Mary's ecological plans for 2020, and meets four students from Year 3 who have been key in making "Grounds for Change" as successful as it could be.


Jordy, Zoe, Abbey, Taite & Cat

The girls chat with James about why social justice is so important, the procrastination powers of Tik Tok, travelling the world as an inspirational speaker, the recent St Mary's trip to Cambodia, the school's ECommit initiative, ask who would play you in a movie?, and heaps more.


150 Stories
Claire, Carmen, Annetta & Joylene

In celebration of our 150 year anniversary in 2019. So many students and graduates... so many stories. 


150 Stories
Eilish, Jasmin, Zoe & Sophie

In celebration of our 150 year anniversary in 2019. So many students and graduates... so many stories. 


150 Stories
Michelle, Sophie, Bailee, Claire & Teresa

In celebration of our 150 year anniversary in 2019. So many students and graduates... so many stories. 


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We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land.

We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.


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