Innovation & Entrepreneurship

At the heart of our inter-years, cross-disciplinary projects is the premise that students learn best when they empower themselves as learners. While all our Innovation programs align with ACARA and SACE curriculums, the strength of these programs is the growth in student skills, and the harnessing of learning potential. Through immersion in exciting, engaging projects, students empower themselves to learn and achieve.


Encompassing a range of social enterprises, Innovation Projects at St Mary's College allows students to explore learning outside of the boundaries of traditional subjects, developing authentic and real-world learning experiences.


Through the Grounds for Change Barista Project, students learn to run, manage and operate a coffee cart; gain valuable enterprise skills and enhance the capabilities of literacy, numeracy and critical and creative thinking.


Student-driven enterprises such as The Bee Sponsorship Program, Grow at Home Seed Propagation Program and the Entrepreneurial Education Future Anything Program allow students to exercise agency in the development of curriculum while creating real-world opportunities for inter-school partnerships.


To sponsor a bee please click on the link Sponsor-a-Bee Program.


Grow at Home Seed Project sees student mentors reaching out to local schools, teaching skills of gardening and propagation to allow seed stock to develop for our butterfly gardens.


Future Anything Entrepreneurial Programs allow our students to use design thinking principles to engage in social enterprises, gaining valuable experiences in problem-solving and development thinking.


The Butterfly Garden and Frog Pond Project have allowed design, art, drama, science and English curriculums delivered in an immersive and exciting partnership across year levels from Reception to Year 12. Such cross-disciplinary capacities develop through the integration of STEM projects, business and finance learnings and hands-on immersion from the coffee cart to the garden.


Links to the Adelaide City Council,  Bring Back the Butterflies Foundation, Future Anything and a series of corporate partners have encouraged students to advocate for projects, develop skills in design thinking and apply these skills to a range of diverse contexts.


Year 10 students also undertake immersive programs such as the $20Boss Entrepreneurship Program; where student-run businesses not only teach valuable problem-solving skills but build authentic entrepreneurial capacities.