Student Services Office

The Student Services Office is located in the Moore Building next to the Canteen and is the contact point for student related issues.

The Student Services Office provides a vast range of services to ensure student's pastoral, academic and extra-curricular wellbeing. Families and students are asked to liaise with the Student Services Office regarding the issues outlined below:


Parents/caregivers are requested to telephone the Student Services Office before 9.30am if their daughter will be absent from school. The absentee phone number is 8216 5716. A note explaining the absence should be presented to the Care Group teacher on the student's return to school. The College operates a SMS Absence Notification System relating to Year 6 12 unexplained absences.

Permission to be absent for longer periods including family commitments, must be sought in writing from the Director of the Junior, Middle or Senior School.

Year 12 students have flexible Study Leave arrangements. These are contracted between parent/caregiver, student and the College.

Late Arrival

Students are expected to be at school and seated in their Care Group classroom by 8.45am. Students who arrive at their classroom after 8.45am are considered to be late. Students who arrive after 8.55am must report to the Student Services Office to sign the late book. After three late arrivals, a letter will be sent home to ensure parents/caregivers are aware of late arrivals.

Leave Passes

Students may only leave the school grounds during school hours with the written permission of their parents/caregivers and a Leave Pass from the school. This note should include the reason why the student needs to leave the school grounds, and the time of leaving and anticipated return. It must be signed by the Care Group teacher in morning class period and then taken to the Student Services Office by 9.00am to have a Leave Pass issued. 

Leave Passes are collected by the student from the Student Services Office at recess.

Permission to be absent for longer periods must be sought in writing from the Directors of the Junior, Middle and Senior School.


Provision is made at school for a treatment room. However, if a student is obviously unwell before leaving home, it is recommended that they be kept home, and the school informed of her absence. The school will not supply medication for students.

Students who need to take prescribed medications while at school must adhere to their doctor's recommended dosage and must not allow another student access to these drugs. The student's name and dosage requirements for prescription medications must be clearly visible. These will be stored in a locked cabinet. The First Aid Officer will keep a record of the dosage, time and date of administration of medications.

Parents/caregivers or legal guardians of students who are taking prescribed medication at school (or school related events), either within the Student Services Office under supervision or independently, are required to complete a Medical Authority Form which is to be handed in to the Student Services Office prior to student commencing their medication treatment.

CLICK HERE to access the Medical Authority Form

Urgent Contact with Students

Urgent phone messages from parents/caregivers must be left with the Student Services Office on 8216 5715 and will be passed on to the student as soon as possible. Students will not normally be called from class to take a telephone call. Students are able to telephone parents/caregivers from the Student Services Office if the matter is urgent. Students are asked not to contact their parents/caregivers from their own mobile phones; and vice versa.

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