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Jillian worked as the Canteen Manager at St Mary's College from 1997 to 2002. When Jillian wasn't at the canteen she was helping with the Uniform Shop where she met a little girl who was struggling with money. Jillian, a warm-hearted woman, decided to give her some second-hand clothing in the hope that it would help her.

Working as a Canteen Manager is harder than it seems especially because it was so different from her previous work at a nursing home for the elderly and sick. She could no longer make decisions without telling anyone she also had to listen to other opinions and instructions. I can tell just by listening to Jillian for a little while that she really enjoyed the fact that she could touch kid's hearts all around her. She liked that she could help that little girl even a little bit by giving her some clothes.

Written by Poppy Wolter (student)




Stephanie De Masi was in Year 8 when she started at St Mary's College in 1998. She graduated in 2002. She quickly connected with teachers and students. Stephanie remembers how the teachers cared for her and others. She said that she evolved as a young woman and she said she learnt to do what matters. Stephanie said that there was always a great implementation of thinking and being kind to others.

Stephanie recalls her most anxious moments at the school was during Year 12 exams. She also remembers that every day she was surprised by learning new things and that things would always change. She finished off saying how great the relationships with everyone were and how teachers pushed and encouraged her to do well and to produce her best work which helped very much. Overall, she said that she loved the school and everything about it.

Written by Olivia Young (student)




Lucy Woolford started St Mary's College in 1997 as a Year 12 student. She loved spending time in the Year 12 Common Room because of the peace and quiet it offered. She was surprised by how much the girls cared for each other. During her time at SMC Lucy made great friends who she still keeps in touch with. She still goes camping and canoeing with her friends as they all enjoy outdoor activities. Since the age of five Lucy dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian, she studied Physics, Maths, Biology and Chemistry.

With the help of her teachers and due to her own hard work, she finally achieved that dream. Her advice to girls today would be, 'Don't give up on your dreams.' Lucy moved to Perth to attend university where her SMC experience helped her adapt. She realized that she could move to a new place and make friends.

Written by Prabhdeep Kaur (student)

We acknowledge that we live, learn and work on the traditional land of the Kaurna people.

We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land.

We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.


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