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Rosalie Panetta started at St Mary's in Year 8 and graduated in Year 12. She says, "My favourite memories were relaxing with my friends under the enormous trees, I loved the school grounds and the mix of diverse girls". Rosalie made many close friends at St Mary's; some were even bridesmaids at her wedding.

St Mary's helped her find her passion for writing, art and design. She found her creative side. Now she is a journalist and radio host. St Mary's taught her lessons in compassion that helped her later in life. When she looks back at her time at St Mary's, her proudest moments were her academic achievements involving Art and Design. One that stood out the most was having her Year 12 artwork selected to be showcased in an exhibition. St Mary's helped shape Rosalie into the hard-working, zestful, successful person she is today.

Written by Scarlett De Ieso (student)




Mrs Dorrington said that being the Principal at St Mary's College was the peak of her career. Some advice she has was to  honour the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Mrs Dorrington learnt how to be a strong, confident and courageous leader. She is very proud of her achievements and the changes she made to SMC. One of her highlights was going on the Korean exchange.

Mrs Dorrington said St Mary's College shaped her into the person she is today by showing her how to help students in need. St Mary's College also helped her to become a caring leader and she said she will be forever grateful.

Written by Lexi Hopkins (student)




Jessica De Pieri joined St Mary's in Year 8. She formed positive relationships with many teachers. Jessica made good friendships and remains in touch with many of these women today. Whilst at school she learnt about maintaining relationships. Teachers taught her crucial skills that she has had to use in her adult life such as working hard, but she suggests it's important to take a break as well!

Exams provided a lot of stress but there were a lot of positive experiences as well the kind that stuck with Jessica throughout her St Mary's journey. She loved learning about culture and enjoyed the sense of community St Mary's created. Jessica loved music and drama; she played guitar and enjoyed acting. Jessica didn't know what she wanted to do when she completed school. She finished with a good score and pursued a career in law. St Mary's taught Jessica to be empowered and the importance of having fun while furthering her studies.

Written by Madison Selby (student)

We acknowledge that we live, learn and work on the traditional land of the Kaurna people.

We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land.

We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.


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