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When Anna  attended St Mary's College, she faced many challenges; but with encouragement from her Maths teacher, Mrs Price, she achieved her dream of an Engineering degree. Many people doubted Anna and commented that Engineering was a very male dominated field and to choose another career. However, SMC encouraged Anna to continue and follow her dream and, "Just go for it!"

Anna made lifelong friends and special memories during her time at SMC from 2002 to 2006. Her strongest memories involved the library because she loved books. Anna tried to read every single book in the fiction area before graduating, but she was not successful. She fondly remembers the MS Readathon. SMC has taught Anna to "love a life of learning" and to never give up. With that early support from SMC, Anna is currently proudly working in her dream job as a professional engineer.

Written by April Air (student)




Betty Lipparelli realised she had found a good community when she began working at St Mary's. A Secondary teacher from 1989-2006, Betty was happy with the sense of comradery she found. She says SMC has set a high standard, as she looks for community and teamwork in every workplace.

Betty had to step out of her comfort zone when she organised functions such as the Year 8 Parent Teacher Dinner. She remembers the pressure to be a 'face for the school' but always had fun and enjoyed her work. She also helped introduce Health/PE programs including self-defence and fencing. Betty still catches up with her former colleagues via coffee club and loves hearing about the latest school news. Her advice is to have goals and to keep persevering until you reach them. If you can find a good community, stick with it, as this is more important than you think.

Written by Ella Robjohns (student)




Leah Metaxas began her St Mary's College journey as a Year 8 in 2002. A crucial time in her growth, SMC was a larger school than she had experienced and it took time for her to adjust. At SMC, the classes and activities inspired her passion for the creative arts; this assisted greatly for her future in the industry.

Throughout her schooling she stayed true to herself, was kind and respected others. SMC taught her self-love and resilience. The friendships she forged pushed Leah through school; she maintains relationships from school to this day.

Leah says, 'Be kind, enjoy your youth and love the uniform because you'll miss it later!'
SMC helped Leah confirm her passion, gave her long-lasting friendships and advanced her progressive learning. The college forged Leah's independence. St Mary's College gave Leah the opportunity to create unforgettable memories, life lessons and experiences that carved her career path.

Written by Joey Yau (student)




Nhi Nguyen, a former St Mary's College student from 2002 to 2006. Nguyen was an ESL student who enjoyed Art and Drama. Nguyen found Art very peaceful and relaxing and enjoyed acting in Drama. Nguyen said that both those subjects increased her creativity and confidence. Nguyen has fond memories of a teacher who was very welcoming to her. Nguyen relationships with her teachers made her school years easier because she was able to seek help and receive support where needed.

Her strongest memories at St Mary's College were attending Harmony Days. It was a day for her and her friends to come together to support diversity among cultures and to look at the student-run creative stores to raise money for charity. Nguyen's time at the college made her a very confident person, this is reflected in her role as a full-time nurse, in Adelaide.

Written by Cindy Nguyen (student)

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