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Rochelle made life-long friends at St Mary's. She developed a passion for Chemistry, a passion she pursued at university. One of her proudest moments was when she studied 6-7 hours for a chemistry test.

At St Mary's she learned about female empowerment which shaped who and how she is today because the world is more important than it seems. The silliest thing she did in Year 12 was skipping Psychology to go to MacDonald's. However, Rochelle was a quiet person so she didn't do too many crazy things.

Rochelle believes that building relationships will help you throughout life and her one piece of advice is get as involved as possible and talk to many people. Another memorable moment was when she was given a poem called, 'The Road Not Taken'. It has had a huge impact on her life. The importance of friendship is what Rochelle most values.

Written by Imogen Jessen (student)




Georgia Brass was a student at SMC from 2007 to 2011. Being chosen as Year 12 College Captain is her favourite memory. SMC prepared Georgia for her career as a teacher, working with different people, building up self-confidence, knowing how to build up knowledge, being organised and managing her time properly. Georgia's' passion and love for teaching was enhanced while at SMC.

The advice that she would give to the students at SMC is to take every opportunity there is and not be the student who just comes to school, does work and goes home. Appreciate teachers as you get into year twelve and enjoy being at school. The last day was the saddest day that Georgia experienced. She never wanted to leave SMC. She believes that SMC has shaped her into the woman she is today in every way and as a person in general.

Written by Rayhana Al Kilabi (student)




Emma's passion for helping others started to develop from the time when she first walked through the Franklin Street gates. Her strongest memory from her time at St Mary's College was when she attended the Immersion trip to Oak Valley. She said she felt there was such a strong cultural and spiritual world around her. Emma said that this trip really ignited her passion for helping others and inspired her to be the way she is today.

One of the most important things Emma learnt during her time at St Mary's was that it is alright to make mistakes. Emma said that the thought of failing was very daunting, and it was the thought of letting others down that scared her the most. She later learnt that making mistakes was experiencing growth and to learn you must make mistakes. Her journey has now ended back at Oak Valley as a teacher.

Written by Poppy Brecht (student)




Alicia Groat began her journey at St Mary's in Year 8. At first, Alicia wasn't too keen on coming to the school. However, the college grew on her and in many ways taught her how to be courageous and confident in her own abilities. Most of her growth as a person happened when she was on the Vietnam Pilgrimage. Here she learnt the true meaning of social justice, creating unforgettable relationships with the Vietnamese children.

In her last year at St Mary's, Alicia had proudly become the school's Vice-Captain, a role she took seriously and approached responsibly. The day she graduated, Alicia left the school with the courage, strength and cooperative ability she had gained through her years with the St Mary's sisterhood to a new beginning in Sydney. Her final advice for all St Mary's girls: "Enjoy it while you're there. Stop and take a moment whenever you can."

Written by Kathleen Sachs (student)

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