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Claire's relatively short time at St Mary's was an exciting and fun learning experience. She made many life-long friends; with many she shared the great experience of the annual SMC Gold Coast Netball Trip. The close friends Claire made at the school still catch up as often as possible.

She mentioned that St Mary's prepared her very well for life; in the sense that not everything will be perfect as you may like it to be. Her SMC experiences taught her to always try her best; that positive feeling she gets for a deserving grade for a difficult task is very rewarding. Claire is currently in year 11 but she still has not even started a subject assignment she got in Year 8! She feels that St Mary's helped shape her to become who she is today and does not regret a single moment of her years at the school.

Written by Heather Ferguson (sister and student)




Elliahn loved the many opportunities that St Mary's presented her with. One of the main highlights of her schooling was the Oak Valley Immersion trip as it allowed her to connect with the Aboriginal culture. The trip also taught her many important life lessons that she still treasures today. Whilst at St Mary's, Elliahn realised that the amount of effort you put in is how much you will get out, and she continues to live by this motto.

The Social Justice Program at St Mary's helped her to acquire a passion for helping people. Elliahn is now embracing her passion for helping others by studying Occupational Therapy and through her job as an OSHC worker. A message that Elliahn wants to share with future students is to "take every opportunity and appreciate your time at St Mary's while you're there because once you are gone, you'll want to go back".

Co-Written by Abby Cenko and Hannah Freer (students)




Tadem described her experience of starting at St Mary's College in 2016 as 'being  welcomed with love and open arms'. She immediately appreciated the vibe of the school and what it stood for. Tadem attended the College from years 10 to 12, and found herself discovering her passions for Drama and Creative Writing. She gained independence which is now helping her in university. "When I look back, I'm proud of myself for not giving up." When Tadem first came to St Mary's she found it difficult to maintain solid  friendships, however she seemed to connect with her teachers, especially her English teacher.

Tadem is thankful for the experience and opportunities she was given. She learnt new skills that prepared her for life. "Even if you don't like school and you don't enjoy going, it's better to push through than to quit because by the end, you'll feel so much better."

Written by Scarlett Kalamaras and Skye Close (students)




Peter has been involved with the St Mary's College community since the 1980's, when his daughter walked through the Franklin Street gates for the very first time. Since then, Peter has worked in the school canteen and he has been a proud member of the College Board. He strongly remembers the great school culture, strong leaders, staff and students. Peter fondly recalls being involved with the development of the school grounds. In particular, the construction of the old gym from a second-hand car yard.

Peter has learnt to appreciate people for who they are and believes that St Mary's helps to empower young women to become strong individuals in society. His advice to current students is to aim high, because you never know what you are capable of, and more than often you will achieve more than you ever dreamt. His granddaughter currently attends, continuing his connection with the school.

Written by Hillary Thursby (student)




Lucabella still treasures her amazing experiences and memories through her schooling years at St Mary's. Some of her highlights include making great friends through Gold Coast Netball, attending camps and being Deputy Captain.

Playing a role in this school was very important to Lucabella, from being a student to Deputy Captain. This role gave Lucabella confidence to speak publicly. The events that Lucabella participated in because of her role was what she loved the most; such as the whole school breakfasts, Music @ Lunchtime and Mass were some of her greatest memories.
It was an empowering and supportive experience Lucabella had at St Mary's. Teachers played a big part in her schooling and everyday life. Even though Lucabella had doubts, she never gave up because of the support she received. From Lucabella's experience she has developed in confidence. As a result, she is courageous to be the best she can be.

Written by Tully George Clifford (sister and student)

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We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.


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