2022 College Theme

Together we do good things

Our theme for 2022 is Together we do good things. I am immensely proud of my staff team as they have worked together to start the school year so well. It has been lovely to get feedback from families about the supportive communication, the care from teachers and the effort taken to create great learning spaces at school and home. We want to focus on the small everyday actions we can do together to be a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community through our theme. We want everyone to have a place at St Mary’s College, where they feel valued and where their voice matters.

Our theme extends across the community. We aim to bring it to life amongst students, our staff team, and our partnership with you, our community of parents and carers. When we do good things together, we live out our core purpose of contributing to a more just and compassionate world.

Watch our 2022 School Captains talk about this year's theme below.