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Helen remembers entering through the Franklin Street gate to attend upper school for years 8 to 11. She would catch the bus to school every morning and on Thursday they would have Mass at the St Patricks Church where students would recite prayers. Helen remembers the uniform being strict. Each day she'd polish her shoes and dress in a tunic, shirt, gloves, stockings, a hat and a crossover apron to protect her clothes.

The Nuns of the school would measure all the student's skirts making sure they were the right length. She recalls purchasing a pie, drink and ice-block from tuck shop for 20 cents. Sometimes she would have leftover change to which she would buy an ice-cream after school and share it with her friend. Helen enjoyed her time at the college and holds these memories close.

Written by Ashleigh Lewis (student)




Yvonne Mensforth attended St Mary's College as a student in 1960 and graduated in 1962. She has two sisters and a mother who constantly supported her. She always cherished and cared for her friends as friendship was, and still is, extremely important to her. 

Yvonne remembers many different experiences she shared at SMC. A special person was Sister Mary Benignus because she was the most inspirational teacher she had. Another memory she holds, was having exams at Wayville. School may have been strict, but it encouraged her to play different sports and appreciate her friends. St Mary's College has shaped who Yvonne is today, as it prepared her for many challenges. She cherished her friends and she has encouraged her grandchildren to do the same. Currently having three of her five grandchildren attend Cabra makes her proud. This reminds her of the Dominican Spirit and time at St Mary's College.

Written by Katija Zujic (student)




Mary Abbott was a student at St Mary's College in 1960. She attended St Mary's College for only 4 years, Year 8 to Year 11, but she still has many treasured memories from her time here.

Most of her favourite memories include her close friend Yvonne, who she met while at SMC, and their friendship has continued to this day. Her best memory was when they had one day of solid reflection and prayer where they were allowed into the nuns' private gardens. This day of prayer happened once a year and was quite a fun day, according to Mary and her friend Yvonne.

She never did anything that was considered crazy, since they were all too scared to even say a word in class! Throughout her time at St Mary's College, the one thing that stood out the most for her was the importance of friendship.

Written by Belle Dackiw (student)

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We acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the Kaurna people living today.


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