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Adriana Forte was a student at St Mary's College from 1995 to 2001. She started in Year 6 and graduated in Year 12. She enjoyed participating in masses, camps and once was elected Student Representative. She was part of the St John Ambulance Ambassador Program YMCA and achieved her First Aid Certificate.

Friendship is one of the important parts of school life for her. She loved going to the library to study with her friends. Adriana said that for her friendships are really important, and you need to take care of them because they are one of the most important parts of your life. Adriana told me that St Mary's taught her how to be a good person because being a good person can make the world a better place. SMC taught her to keep those special friendships alive with her because they might just help you in the future.

Written by Katherine Neeson (student)




Melissa Brugioni came to St Mary's as a Reception in 1989 and graduated in 2001. At St Mary's she learnt skills for everyday life and learnt about social justice. She uses those skills today as she is heavily involved in different community groups.

Throughout her schooling, Melissa was anxious about being successful. St Mary's prepared her to be able to stand up and have a voice and now she can challenge different life decisions made in the workplace. "Don't take all your life lessons literally", she quoted. The silliest thing Melissa ever did was, on muck up day Year 12s made a Year 12 banner out of all the late and uniforms slips they received. "As a Year 12, we got lots of these".

Overall, St Mary's made her a better well rounded person, teaching her important things that can be done outside of her own little world.

Written by Misha Khan (student)




Candice Ferguson walked through the gates of St Mary's college in 1997, to commence Year 8. She graduated in 2001.

During Candice's time there was a school production called The Wizz, the school's take on The Wizard of Oz. Candice auditioned for the lion and won the role. The production was one of her most vivid memories. She put a lot of time and effort into her role and her final performance. The show turned out magnificently. Everyone cheered, and it was clear that all the girl's endless persistence and burning passion paid off.

In year 12, Candice was absorbed in her studies for her final exams, but sadly as her end of year exams were creeping close Candice grew ill and was hospitalised, missing her exams. However, Candice used her midterm results as she couldn't re-do the exams and she still managed to be accepted into her dream university.

Written by Harriet Hamblin (student)




I look back at my life at St Mary's, as a time where I learnt that who and what I was, was celebrated by many people. I always strived to be myself and this has helped me become a strong and independent woman. The skills I learnt in school sometimes come back to me today when I'm not really expecting it, particularly in words that I come across.

Some of my greatest achievements were receiving the Ethos Award, and also getting awarded as Dux in Year 12. I didn't aim to achieve these awards, but it was a great honour when they were presented to me in front of my parents and classmates. With hindsight, St Mary's College contributed a lot with my self-awareness, self-esteem and my confidence. I am very proud to say that I'm extremely happy with the person I have become and the person I'll continue to be.

Written By Olivia Kelly (student)

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