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The Vietnam pilgrimage changed Lauren's view on life, and this was her strongest memory. The skills learnt there influenced her career. The impact of many teachers has always stayed with Lauren as they set her up for success. In her job now, she must show compassion, and this is possible through the morals and values she developed at St Mary's College.

St Mary's taught her to have confidence and to believe in those important morals. She found school challenging at first, but overcoming her struggles helped instilled determination in her. She looks at her time spent as a student at St Mary's with nothing but joy to be a part of a school that empowers young women. She has taken this throughout aspects of life and is proud of the person she is today. Without the time shared at St Mary's, Lauren feels she wouldn't be the independent, confident young women she is now.

Written by Ella South (student)




Old scholar Natasha Buccella attended St Mary's from years 2005-2009. She was and still is passionate about music. During her time at St Mary's she was encouraged to try everything and say yes to all available opportunities. Even though she had some rough times she stayed positive and never gave up, developing into a happy student. Natasha loved all of the opportunities and added experiences that St Mary's offered.

She was always encouraged to try new things such as school bands, new instruments and achieving her goals, these opportunities helped her to believe in the importance of being a young woman. St Mary's encouraged her to be her own person and get involved in everything and to find where she felt comfortable. St Mary's has helped her find her passion and helped her come out of her shell and feel happy with who she is and to try.

Written by Gemma Bath (student)




Elena Meola first walked through the gates of St Mary's College in 2003 as a year 6 student and was lucky to start her schooling years with her sister by her side. Although she didn't start here in Reception, Elena made new friends quickly and keeps in touch with them through social media and catching up.

While Elena attended St Mary's, she learnt many lessons for life. The greatest one she learned was how to work in a team and be a leader. Elena's teachers helped teach these skills to her and she has carried these to her workplace with her employees and family. During Elena's time at St Mary's College, she travelled to Vietnam and while she was there, she learnt significant things to remember forever. Since she went on the Vietnam trip, she has remembered to be grateful for everything even for the smallest things in life.

Written by Daisy Figg (student)




Caitlin Martin started as a Year 8 student at St Mary's College in 2004. She insisted on coming to this school, even though her friends went to a different school, and is glad that she did. In 2011 Caitlin went to Denmark as an exchange student for a year and returned to St Mary's to complete Year 12.

Caitlin loved the friendly community and sisterhood at St Mary's. During her time here, she developed a love of language and looking at how the world works through words. This passion has brought her to where she is today as a lawyer at the airport. Caitlin believes that St Mary's College has shaped her to be the woman she is today. She advises girls at St Mary's that when they are given opportunities, take them and make the most of your time here, because it will be over before you know it.

Written by Caitlin Weir (student)

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