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Victoria Ridgwell a former student of SMC started school in Reception 1999 and finished school in 2012. She loved learning and was also involved in Social Justice and school sport. Victoria enjoyed helping others, and the Immersion Trips really opened her eyes and helped her grow as a person.

Victoria made lifelong friends, catching up regularly on the weekends. Her strongest memories are how well she got to know her friends on her Immersion Trips. She made lifelong friends from SMC and CBC. Victoria was not keen on getting in trouble. She only went through MacDonald's drive through while she was moving her car.

Juggling school and extra curriculum showed during Year 12 especially during exams. She said that SMC gave her lots of opportunities for life. In Year 12 she received an award and was grateful to be recognised for all the things she did throughout her school years. 

Written by Eimear Agnew (student)




Georgia Parasiers was a student at St Mary's College from Years 8 to 12. As a student Georgia made lots of friends and learnt that there are many different people in the world, who you can be friends with. Year 12 Muck-up Day was something Georgia loved. Doing the crazy and silly things made Georgia happy just talking about it. On Year 12 Muck-up Day, Georgia and her friends put cups of water all along the lower bridge connecting the two buildings. This meant that no one could walk across without kicking of the cups having a result of getting the people underneath the bridge wet.

After having lots of opportunities at St Marys College Georgia found a passion for photography and design. Even though she didn't believe she would like it and doesn't get a chance to do it often Georgia still loves her high school passion.

Written by Caillin Watterson (student)




Giordana Cimmino first stepped through the gates of St Mary's College in 2000 and graduated in 2012. Her time at St Mary's was memorable. Giordana participated in the Vietnam Pilgrimage in 2011. Advice Giordana would like to share is, enjoy every minute and don't take opportunities for granted. Her most surprising moment was winning the Sister Susan Sullivan Award. Giordana was a member of the first stage band that Mr Chambers took to Generations in Jazz.

One of Giordana's greatest memories was playing Batty Bingo and Batty Rounders. Her craziest moments were with best friend Sarah. School prepared Giordana for Uni and full-time work as a counselor. What she learnt helps Giordana counsel the students at her school. Giordana fondly remembers everything about her time at SMC. Her experiences at St Mary's has helped shaped who and where she is today, built up her confidence and assisted in achieving her life goals.

Written by Jeanice Jinaro (student)




Georgie Toth was a student and OSHC Supervisor here at SMC. She attended St Mary's from 2007 to 2012 and worked from 2012 to 2016. Georgie says that the opportunities that were available were amazing and that you should always take advantage of any opportunities given.

She loved all the Sports Days, Social Justice Days, school performances and other whole school activities. "Take advantage of the opportunities available and the fun and happiness that comes with it," she says for current SMC students. Honesty was very important to her. Georgie learnt that being true to other people was important. The importance of being an individual woman was a big factor for her and how she is today. St Mary's shaped who Georgie is in a big way. Her passion for learning and teaching stemmed from these experiences and she is now a teacher. She has fond memories of St Mary's.

Written by Chloe Gray (student)


1997-2003, 2010-2012


At SMC, Lucy learned about social justice, forgiveness, getting second chances and developing confidence. Lucy's teachers helped prepare her academically, but it was the experiences, working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, the valuable life skills and lessons that helped shape her confidence for life beyond school.

Lucy was College Captain in 2003. She was given opportunities, such as going to South Korea, Oak Valley and Vietnam. Lucy developed passions for education, social justice and history. Lucy's advice to students is to make the best of your time and don't take school for granted because it goes by very quickly. Lucy's experience at St Mary's has shaped her life and it has given Lucy confidence in herself. Opportunities to learn about young women were memorable for Lucy. She always remembers the St Mary's College community and, in her words, "the sense of home", that this school provided for her.

Written by Ioanna Antoniou (student)




Tahlia Meola first walked into St Mary's in 2008 with many emotions on her first day of secondary school. Tahlia formed many friendships with other students, as well as teachers. St Mary's helped shape Tahlia into the person she is today as she learnt important values. Tahlia still loves to talk about her years at St Mary's, especially the Vietnam trip that she was extremely lucky to be accepted into.

In 2010, Tahlia was privileged to win the School Ethos award. Tahlia developed a passion for Science during her time at St Mary's which has helped her fulfil a career in the subject. During school, she learnt that it was important to get involved with all activities in the school. Tahlia loved her time at St Mary's and would love to send her children there in the future. She is proud to say that she was a St Mary's student.

Written by Makayla Satterley (student)




Eilish Maguire attended St Mary's as a student in 2006 and graduated in 2012. Her strongest memory is becoming Social Justice Captain, attending meetings and getting involved with good causes. Once, in a crazier moment, she hired a superhero outfit, running around school and busking near the old library. During her time at St Mary's, she learnt a lot about resilience and the importance of bouncing back from difficult times.

The college has helped her to become a strong, independent woman, with the confidence to navigate life after school and to succeed in regard to job opportunities. During one interview, Eilish was asked if she had run any large events. This question took her straight back to her involvement in Social Justice Day her contribution giving her skills needed for the future. Overall, she thought SMC was a fantastic school and was glad to meet the people that she did.

Written by Dior Fraus (student)




School was one of my biggest challenges but also one of my biggest successes. St Mary's taught me to believe in myself, even when times were challenging. The teachers always supported me and gave me direction. Playing volleyball for the school helped me to focus and be positive. A passion for cooking has changed my life due to the skills St Mary's has instilled in me. I have learnt to be dedicated, hard-working and to have a positive mindset. Without these qualities, I would not have the ability to reach my goals or even attempt them.

One day, I dream of opening my own cooking school. I thank the teachers who saw my potential before I did. Today, I love my job as a chef, I co-own a cleaning business and most importantly I am happy. I never thought I would be a part of the graduating class of 2012.

Written by Elisabetta Sicuro (student)




Shannice Marie Simbol started her journey at St Mary's College in Year 8 and graduated in 2012. During her time at the college, she grew to be fond of music which led her to participating in the music program. The music program taught her to become more confident in herself. Shannice cherished her time at the college, and it was her second home because of the amiable environment provided by the girls and teachers.

She will always hold the moments she experienced here in her heart. She learnt many important life lessons, such as standing up for yourself and not letting people push you around even though they're in authority. A piece of advice she gave SMC students was "Do what you want to do and not what other people want you to do". The college shaped Shannice well academically and made her the strong, wonderful women she is today.

Written by Jedidiah Alvarez (student)




Paloma believed that St Mary's really empowered her to follow her dreams. It allowed her to explore her interests as she was passionate about a few different things. St Mary's provided the opportunity for Paloma to try all the things she enjoyed, which helped her to decide on her future career path.

Whilst at St Mary's, Paloma learnt many life lessons. Her advice is, "ride and enjoy the wave, take the highs and take the lows and work hard to get your school work done so you can have time to yourself on the weekends." Paloma talked about starting high school when you are 13, and then finishing when you're 18, "there's quite a lot of growth that happens in that time". St Marys definitely shaped Paloma to become the person she is today, allowing her to work as a speech pathologist and achieve her dream.

Co-Written by Olivia Bernadi and Bronte Menz (students)




Mary Foley had two main roles at St Mary's College over the 30 years she was a part of the community: being a parent of the school and working as an ESO. One of Mary's strongest memories and life lessons was in 2006, when she worked with some students who were affected by war back at home in Africa. Mary felt privileged to work with these students as she was able to help them overcome their challenges and get a quality education.

After 30 years of being a part of the St Mary's College community, she retired, sad but satisfied. Mary is proud that she worked in such a caring and friendly environment and hopes the school never loses that quality. Mary learnt many lessons throughout her time at St Mary's College and feels blessed that she had the opportunity to be a part of such a loving, caring community.

Written by Isabelle Barone

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