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Adriana says that starting school in year 8 was nerve-wracking but exciting. The teachers were very welcoming and Adriana soon felt like a member of the community. At St Mary's, she learnt to be confident and voice her beliefs. Believing in herself allowed her to complete university and become a teacher. She said, "school prepared me for life well, however, you never really know what lies ahead."

Her advice is to enjoy school because it is a memory that will stay with you forever. She states, "you are surrounded by many young women and you will all have the potential to become who or whatever you want to be." Her passion for being healthy and fit grew at St Mary's and she took the knowledge she learnt with her later in life. Adriana recalls her proudest moment being when she received an ATAR that allowed her to go to university.

Written by Sienna Torquati (student)




Georgia recalls her highlights at St Mary's: The Oak Valley Pilgrimage; performing in the year 12 Drama production of 'Dinkum Assorted'; and whole-school Social Justice activities. Although shy in Year 8, she participated in school life and her self-confidence and commitment grew, so that by Year 12 she was Social Justice Captain. Six years later, Georgia and her school friends still treasure the "sisterhood" of St Mary's. Apart from these highs, and the anxiety of sitting her final Italian exam, Georgia's life and values have been shaped by the College motto, 'Veritas'.

Her advice? Do what's true and don't follow the crowd. Mr Napoli and Mr Batty inspired her sense of Social Jjustice, and she maintains a 'hunger to create a more just world." Georgia is studying Law and International Development and hopes to work in human rights and live out the motto of 'Veritas' and the values that came to life for her at St Mary's.

Written by Jude Martin (student) and Mr Bernie McInerney




Kiara McCabe attended St Mary's College from Year 8 to year 12. Kiara feels that St Mary's taught her to always look for the good in people and to always try your best to show kindness. She was happiest and challenged when forming relationships with teachers and involving herself in school activities.

One of her strongest memories would be going on the Oak Valley Pilgrimage. The values she holds were shaped by her time at St Mary's. She was proud of the way she embraced school and made lovely friendships and she tried her best every day. Public speaking and Legal Studies helped Kiara to find a passion for law. She has just finished studying a Law and Media degree so she could use her passions in life. "St Mary's opened my eyes to the bigger picture of the world, and I take this broad view with me today."

Written by Oriana Gorgone (student)




Isabella Deluca, a teacher at St Aloysius College had a bright experience at St Mary's College and was passionate about Music. School life was not really different from any other student. Isabella has been interested in music all her life playing piano and was a participant in the Choir. Isabella now takes the Primary Choir at SAC.

Isabella has a confident sense of humour always wanting to participate in any program. She encouraged a lot of other people. Surprisingly, Isabella was not a really confident student until Year 7 when she realised that no matter what changes happen in life you still have to go on and be confident and brave. Her teachers were always encouraging her and brought out the best in her. Isabella loved to participate in anything which would come her way and was very surprised when she was elected Deputy Captain during her final year of school.

Written by Shania Johnson (student)




"St Mary's taught me to reach for the stars," Kate Obst quotes most fondly. The former student spent five years of her life at the school; learning, growing and making wonderful memories. She thanks St Mary's for the life-long friendships made. The many lessons she learned during her secondary years greatly influenced Kate and shaped her into the woman she is today.

Kate attended SMC from Year 8, but it was during her senior years that her passion for psychology prospered. Graduating at the top of her class and currently studying at university to become a psychologist, Kate thrived at school due to her passion for learning and with encouragement from teachers. According to Kate, the college was a second home, bringing her a sense of belonging and security. She describes her experience at the college as a growth journey and is proud to have been a St Mary's Student.

Written by Rebecca Aaserud (student)

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